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Bacteria are usually invisible to the naked eye and yet they occur everywhere in our environment. You can find them in the air, in the soil, in water, in ice, in plants, in animals and humans. Even though only a small percentage of bacteria found in nature is able to cause illness in humans, their image is extremely tarnished. Yet many bacteria carry great potential.

While bacteria are increasingly used in the food industry in fermentation processes, they could also play an important role in the textile industry. Not only to neutralize toxins from polluted waters in the dyeing industry, but also for the dyeing process itself. In our project GROWING COLOR. PATTERNING WITH LIVING PIGMENTS, we demonstrate the possibilities of bacterial pigments for dyeing textiles in different colors, shapes and patterns and illustrate the presence of the bacteria of our environment by revealing their colors. The combination of this resource-saving and environmentally friendly dyeing method with new technologies opens up completely new possibilities to make the world not only more colourful - bluer, yellower or redder - but also a bit „greener“ and thus more sustainable.